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EFL2375 - AeroModelo Mini Pulse XT ARF -21%

EFL2375 - AeroModelo Mini Pulse XT ARF

Itens Inclusos 95% factory-built; get flying in 3 hours or less Lightweight balsa and lightweig..

R$1.005,94 R$799,00

EFL2425 - Mini Funtana X ARF EM FALTA

EFL2425 - Mini Funtana X ARF

Itens InclusosTapered thickness airfoil for improved aerodynamic performance Optional Side For..


EFL2475 - Aeromodelo Extra 260 3D 480 ARF

Itens Inclusos Generous wing area for lighter wing loading Large control surfaces for precise c..


EFL2625 - AeroModelo Taylorcraft 450 ARF

Itens Inclusos Can be flight-ready in as little as 3 hours True-to-scale proportions Detailed ..


EFL5025 - Piper L-4 Grasshopper 250 ARF EM FALTA

EFL5025 - Piper L-4 Grasshopper 250 ARF

Itens InclusosGreat-looking scale outline Magnetically secured plug-in wings Quick release st..


HAN2660 - AeroModelo Twist 40 ARF Version 2

Itens Inclusos Removable wing provides easy transport and storage Covered in exclusive Hangar 9..


PKZ4700 - Radian RTF EM FALTA

PKZ4700 - Radian RTF

Itens InclusosSpektrum™ DX5e 5-channel full range 2.4GHz DSM2/DSMX radio system eliminates inte..


PKZ5480 - Radian Pro BNF EM FALTA

PKZ5480 - Radian Pro BNF

Itens Inclusos5-channel control: aileron, elevator, flaps, rudder and throttle Powerful 480-si..